The essence of human augmentation of work - Human 2.O
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The essence of human augmentation of work - Human 2.O

The essence of human augmentation of work - Human 2.O

In a world full of where everything has its own “2. O'' and “3. O” have you ever heard of “Human 2.O''? Well, that’s what Human augmentation is all about, adding physical improvement to the human body, or in simple words adding extra features to our existing Human body with the help of certain technology. Do you remember when we used to dream about getting powers like fictional characters or superheroes in movies? We dreamt about becoming smarter, faster, stronger, tougher, and more attractive, like Ironman or maybe Wonder Woman! Well, Human Augmentation has made it possible. Science fiction is not fiction anymore, it’s becoming science facts.

With the progress in the science world, everything seems attainable. Even for the person who has lost his arms, vision, or maybe limbs in a tragic accident. There’s hope for people with disabilities, just because of Human Augmentation. It has made them believe in magic after all it’s nothing less than magic. It’s also one of the most important technology trends/demands in upcoming years. After all, the main essence and core importance of  Human Augmentation will be enhancing human productivity in terms of improving the cognitive and physical well-being of a human being. This can be achieved with effective hardware and software technology augmentation, along with the latest artificial intelligence, optimized computing power, and better compatibility assisted with a connected world.

Nevertheless, the question arises why exactly it is important? Well, it’s obvious that to a certain extent humans have their limits, they can’t work beyond that. And there’s no end to human needs & desires, Hence we definitely need human augmentation. Let me show you some famous live examples of it.

Software augmentation

Software augmentation is basically like recruiting the Staff who’s augmented in a form of various missing skills which their current team is lagging. It’s more like an add-on feature to a team to fill in skills gaps and support their projects. Various companies have initiated and opted for staff augmentation to bridge the gap of specific missing skills which is needed to reduce the workload in the company and make their workforce productive. It’s not a feasible financially or quick task to recruit specific people for any set of skills. So simply it means that enterprises are buying the technological resources (set of skills )  but at the same time maintaining direct control over your team.

Intellectuals feel that it’s a great method to expand your team to reduce the workload and get the maximum in less duration. By this, it’s obvious you’re building a super team that is not lacking any skills. Usually, it would take a lot of time to give training for new skills to employees for any new project. But if you have a software augmentation/ staff augmentation. Imagine how much time would be saved and how relieved current employees would be to focus on the other important task.  


The technology that supports humans with artificial strength and endurance by which humans can augment their capabilities physically. There’s a Japanese company Cyberdyne known for spreading happiness with the help of a robotic suit to make people stand on their own who have lost their lower limbs. But exoskeletons aren't limited to only the healthcare industry it is also used in the workforce industry, the automobile manufacturer company Ford uses a wearable upper-body exoskeleton in their factories. They provide their employees  EksoVest is designed to support workers' arms because of the repetitive overhead tasks. Similarly, it is also used in warehouses, The Dutch Navy also uses exoskeletons.

Source: NBC News

Tilly Lockey

She’s known as the bionic girl who has bionic arms and she’s very proud of them. She considers them “HERO ARMS”. she’s an ambassador of open bionics, she’s also an inspirational speaker. Tv Presenter and Bionic Model.

Twitter: Tilly Lockey

She was on the verge of dying, doctors gave up already when she was diagnosed with meningitis, but her bionic arms became the light at the end of the dark tunnel. She says “I’m not one to hide away from that, I really don’t care and I love wearing my bionic arms. I’ve had some with lights in and I’ve had blue ones, pink ones, rose gold ones, you name it.

‘To me, it’s a lot of fun. It’s like an extra added fashion accessory. That’s exactly what I would say when people would ask me what my goal was for the future. “‘I was like, to be honest, I just want a wardrobe full of hands that I can match up to my outfit and how I’m feeling. That’s always been my way of looking at it, and clinics just never thought to stop and wonder that before.”

Well, there are a lot of examples of human augmentation which have changed the lives of people and companies. Some of them are still in progress, companies still developing and innovating. And there are some more examples like digital twins, Artificial blood cells, super gloves, smart glasses contact lenses, wristband buzz… list would go on. Because tech isn’t stopping anywhere it will grow and evolve. So why should we stop? Let human augmentation save time & energy. Let the world be a better place for everyone and let there be hope for miracles by helping human Augmentation.